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Stock Aluminum Extrusions

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When you need to find the right aluminum extrusions, you can count on Extrude-A-Trim to help!

Requesting a quote for a profile is fast and easy – just use the navigation on the left to search through The Aluminum Warehouse to find the category of in-stock profiles you need.

1. Click on the “+” options beside each category to see the range of profiles we offer in that category.

2. Click on a profile to get to the ordering page.

3. When you find the profiles you are looking for, specify the quantity and type of finish you want, then click “Add”.

4. Once you’ve added all of the items that you want a quote for, simply click the “Complete Your Request” option at the bottom of the page to see a summary of your request, which will allow you to adjust quantities if needed.

5. Click “Send” to submit your request and you can expect us to come to the rescue within one business day, either by phone or e-mail!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have no fear – we can custom fabricate aluminum profiles to your exact needs!

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