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Custom Aluminum Extrusions

aluminum extrusion superhero

When you’re just not finding the perfect extrusion profiles that you need, Extrude-A-Trim is ready to swoop in and find the right solution.

Working together with our engineering staff and world-class customer service team, we have the power to take your ideas and transform them from concept into customized aluminum extrusion profiles that meet your exact requirements.

We can be your extruder – providing the custom shapes you need. We offer additional services including cutting, drilling, punching, polishing and brushing to ensure that the extrusion profiles being created are tailored to how you want them. A wide variety of painted and anodized finishes and colours are available to further customize your order. From the development of the die to being your warehousing solution once the profiles are created, we work with you every step of the way!

We may not be superheroes, but when you see your designs come to life, you’ll think we are.
Contact our Customer Service Department to see how easy it is to produce the extrusions you need.

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