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Drawings Part Number Dimension Size
In Ft
Finish QTY
In Pcs

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IE3410 1.5  1/8    12
21 Mill Finish
IE3411 0.095    12 Mill Finish
IE3412 1/8    12
IE3413 1/8    24
IE3414 .120    12
IE3416 1 1/4  1/8    12 Mill Finish
IE3419 1/8    24 Mill Finish
IE3420 1/8    12 Mill Finish
(Min. 550 lb. order qty on 12ft length only)
(Min. 550 lb. order qty on 12ft length only)
IE3423 1 1/2  1/8    24
IE3426 1/8    21 Mill Finish
IE3428 1 3/4  1/8    12 Mill Finish
(Min. 550 lb. order qty)
IE3430 1 3/4  1/8    12 Mill Finish
(Min. 550 lb. order qty)
IE3433 1 3/4  3/32    12 Mill Finish
(Min. 550 lb. order qty)
IE3434 1 3/4  4 1/2  3/32    21 Mill Finish
(Min. 550 lb. order qty)

While some of our Round, Square and Rectangular Hollow Tubes might seem like they can fit inside one another, the only Tubes we guarantee will marry together are our Telescopic Tubes. All other Hollow Tubes are industry standard profiles that have not been designed to fit together.

Please contact our Sales Department should you have any questions.

NOTE: Minimum order quantities may apply on 20ft, 21ft & 24ft material.

Our standard cutting tolerance is +/-.125" including stock material. If you want something more specific or do not accept this tolerance, your requirement must be forwarded in writing - otherwise we will cut to our standards.

Additional alloys are available. Minimum order quantities apply.

Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and help you find what you are looking for.

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