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Check out these 10 steps so that you too can be a superhero, just like Xtrudor.

Step 1 – Discover your super power.

Every person has a unique gift that makes them powerful, compelling, and great. Start by discovering yours. If you’re not sure – ask your friends or coworkers for their input. Being a hero doesn’t mean having some mythical power like extruding aluminum from your hands. It can just be something that you are world-class at. Focus on this super-trait and learn to master it.

Step 2 – Decide your superhero name and your symbol.

The first step to establishing your identity as a superhero is to create a name. Choose a superhero name that reflects your unique ability, and sounds catchy – make sure it’s easy to say. If your special talent is glass framing, you could be Frame-or. The symbol stems from this superhero name, as it will be a primary way of identifying yourself to the public. Use the first letter of your superhero name to make a cool yet simple design. I use an “X”!

Step 3 – Determine your personal mission.

The main purpose of a superhero is to benefit mankind. How can you use your super powers to make a positive difference in the world? Choose something you are passionate about. The classic mission of a superhero is to stop crime, but there are many more ways that you can be a hero. My mission is to ensure that no person goes without the aluminum extrusions that they need.

Step 4 – Get a mask.

A superhero needs to keep their identity hidden from the public in order to separate their personal life from their duties. Getting a mask allows you to maintain this veil of anonymity while also adding a sense of mystique to your secret identity. Make your mask unique by including elements of your identity in the design such as your hero colours or symbol. My mask is shaped like an X.

Step 5 – Get a cape.

Nothing says commitment to being a superhero quite like getting a cape. Find a reputable cape-tailor. A big length of cloth fluttering in the wind is a great way to display your dynamism and let people know you are a person of action. Consider using the cape to boost your powers, such as making the cape fire-resistant or designing it to help you fly better.

Step 6 – Design an outfit.

If you want to make a great first impression, it is important to choose the right outfit because this is the first thing people will use to judge you. Be bold in what you choose. Your costume should still have a functional purpose, so consider how you can design it to complement your super power. And of course, keep the colours consistent with your mask and symbol. Make sure to include a belt that has your symbol on the buckle!

Step 7 – Find a way to earn a living.

Being a superhero requires a lot of time and hard work; you might even consider it a full time job. However, it is important to still look out for your own well-being and find a way to balance your personal interests with your superhero duties. I decided to start a company! Choose a line of business that complements your super-abilities. That’s why I turned my special ability to extrude aluminum shapes from my hands into an aluminum extrusions company!

Step 8 – Get a superhero lair.

Every superhero needs a secret place that they can use to focus their energies and get away from the world. This place is where you can store all of your superhero gear and practice your abilities. All of the most well-known superheroes have a secret home where they carry out behind-the-scene activities. Batman had the bat cave, and the X-Men had Xavier’s mansion. A lair is a place where you can find solitude and rest up for your next big mission!

Step 9 – Get a superhero vehicle.

Walking is great exercise, but when duty calls, a superhero needs to be at the scene of the action quickly. If you can fly, or have super running abilities, you are covered, but for many superheroes, you will need a vehicle to get you to your destination in a flash. To quickly move through a busy city, a small vehicle like a motorcycle is best. If you are travelling across great distances, get an airplane or helicopter. Make sure the end design looks super-cool to get people talking about you! My vehicle of choice is a super-shiny aluminum rocket ship.

Step 10 – Make the most of your gift.

Now that I’ve laid out the nine steps to establishing your superhero identity, it’s time for the most important part. Make the most of your super-abilities! No matter what the contribution is, every little bit adds up to something great. So discover your talent, create your unique, bold identity, and do your part in making this world a better place. Now get out there and do some good!

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