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Volume 1 - the Making of a Superhero

Will Denson was a hard-working astronaut until a fluke accident in space caused him to develop the ability to create aluminum extrusions in a highly unusual way. Will used his newly-acquired powers to start a company, transforming himself into Xtrudor, the aluminum superhero.

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Volume 2 - the Power of Flight

A day at the office is never the same for Xtrudor. Whether it’s delivering 10 pieces of track rail to Los Angeles, or 10,000 pounds of equal angle to Toronto, Xtrudor is always ready for adventure creating and delivering aluminum extrusions.

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Volume 3 - 50 Years of Super-Aluminum-Strength

It’s Xtrudor’s 50th birthday. What better way for him to celebrate than to be doing what he loves: extruding and delivering aluminum extrusions! When a customer in New York wants to know whether he is the right man for the job, Xtrudor springs into superhero action. Plus there’s cake.

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